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Strength  (strngkth, strngth, strnth)  n.

1. The state, property, or quality of being strong.
2. The power to resist attack; impregnability.
3. The power to resist strain or stress; durability.
4. The ability to maintain a moral or intellectual position firmly.

Being a strong person is viewed as a good thing, right?  It means you can handle most of the things that life throws at you.  You can get through things that may take down a “lesser” person.  You can stand up for yourself, for others, for justice, for what is right.  People look to you for support and call on you in times of need.

But does this mean that you never have moments where you need to get some help from others?  Nope.  We all have moments where we can us the love and support of those around us.  Sometimes we need to recharge our reserves of strength after a particularly trying time.

The problem can be that if you are the person that people count on for strength and support, your needs may not be obvious.  In these cases, strength becomes a weakness.

What is my point?  You never know who may be in need of a kind word, a bit of support, or an expression of gratitude.  It may be obvious, it may not.  But if it is needed, it will be appreciated.  Greatly.

As I’ve said before, take time each day to share love and gratitude with those around you.  Even the strongest person you know needs some support from time to time.

Next up: Cambodia, Laos, & Vietnam!

That’s right folks, I’m headed back to Asia.  What’s on deck for this trip?

MSP–>Chicago –>Seoul –>Vietnam–>Cambodia–>Laos–>Vietnam–>Seoul–>Chicago–>MSP

I’ll be traveling for 23 days, which is the longest trip since my first international travel experience to England & Ireland.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting more about the itinerary and share more about some of the things we will be doing while there.

Have you been to this part of the world?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.



Hey guys.  Remember me?  Remember this blog?

Well, it turns out that I kinda forgot about it and didn’t really post for awhile.  Oops.   I guess this is what happens when you are wrapping up being #onhaitus, go on vacation, start a new job, and suffer through approximately 9 months of winter.

Yes, that’s it.

Well, I’m back.  I’m looking forward to getting back into this writing thing.  I began this blog as a way to share my thoughts, ideas, and the random stuff that puts a smile on my face or makes me think, but some stuff happened that shifted my focus to other things and left me without the urge to write.  It’s amazing what happens when you get some peace and clarity in your life – I now have the time *and* desire to write again.

I have a number of posts brewing, and some really exciting things coming up in my life to share, but for now, I’m going to sit in my backyard, play fetch with my dog, and just enjoy the warmth of a beautiful day in St. Paul.

Share some love and kindness today and live in the moment.

Bring it on, 2013

Happy New Year!

I’m going to save everyone from the standard “year in review” post or even a “here are the top 10 songs of the year” post.

For the most part.

This past year was full of ups and downs (aren’t they all really?!) but I’m glad to have had each of the experiences.  Now why would I want to have to deal with some negativity, hurt, frustration, and sadness?  Because it makes the high points a bit brighter and also prepares you for the next challenges you will face.

If you would have asked me at this point last year if I’d be headed towards a new job after working campaigns I would have laughed to you, but here I am.

I’m looking forward to the next year.  I’m not going to make any grandiose claims that 2013 is going to be “my year” or the “best year ever” – I’m going to work to make the most of each moment, each situation.  To learn, grow, feel, smile, laugh, and share.  I’m looking forward to new opportunities – both at work and in general.  I’m excited to have fun with old friends and make new ones.

Who knows what the next year will bring, but I say bring it on.

However, here are a few highlights from 2012:
1. The Hunger Games books
2. Discovering some amazing new music
3. The following TV shows – Bones, Parks and Rec, Modern Family
4. Many of the results of the 2012 elections.
5. Mini-Tuskers reunion in KC.
6. Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
7.  This –>
8. Meeting some wonderful new people and having a lot of great times with friends.

On that note, I’m going to go back enjoying my last few days of hiatus before the new gig starts.  Best wishes to everyone in the coming year.


Those of you that follow me on Twitter know that I often tweet things using the hashtag #thingsithinkabout.  Often these are random, silly, and rarely profound thoughts I have which are usually inspired by something I am watching or doing.

Some recent gems. . . . .

  • I think I’m going to start a Stevie Wonder cover band.
  • Question: Has Hasbro weighed in on the Scrabble rip-off Words with Friends the Board Game?
  • Pretty sure accio is the spell I’d use the most.
  • I keep forgetting what day it is. If only there were a block of TV shows on ABC to remind me.
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is my Graceland.
  • Has Willard Scott announced his own 100th birthday yet?
  • Which is worse – negative political ads or a commercial for the next Twilight movie?
  • Does anyone actually eat the stick that comes with Fun Dip?
  • Is it possible to not eat the small boxes of Nerds by pouring the entire box in your mouth?

I can’t be the only person who thinks these things. . .or am I?

In other news, the 2012 election season is OVER! Thank cheesus!  No more negative ads on TV. No more doorknocks, phonebanks, or lawnsigns. I’m looking forward to a bit of campaign vacation since it’s basically been back-to-back campaigns (in some form) for 6 years.  I think I’m going to tap out for a bit and recharge.

I’m looking forward to some new things on the horizon professionally, as well as a few personal creative projects I have in a queue that I finally need to just push myself to do.

Today is also World Kindness Day.  Share some, ok?