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Take 5: Portmanteau

Note:  Another new type of post -  I will be doing collection of 5 things/thoughts/etc. Expect a lot of randomness. These are my new favorites.  Both using exisiting ones and making up my own. What is a portmanteau, you ask?  A portmanteau or portmanteau word is a...

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Simple. Beauty. Nature.

Just when you have doubts about the state of the world after seeing so much hate and destruction, watching this video restores some faith in the world and humanity. At least it did for me.  I also hope one day to be half the photographer that this person is. [vimeo...

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Something new!

For those that follow me on Twitter, or are friends with me on Facebook, know that I've been doing something new - something I like to call "Jammy's Jam of the Day".  Basically, just a song each day that either I've been listening to, is a reflection of my day, or...

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Sun! Finally!

Here are two songs for this sunny Sunday. Florence + the Machine "Dog Days Are Over"   Lily Allen "The Fear" Both are making me smile.  There's just something about...

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Long and Winding Road

Music. It always has been a part of my life. Whether making, listening, or discovering, it has been a constant.  I have a lot of memories related to music - good, bad, odd, different - but they show the deep my connection to music and my feelings.  Granted this is...

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Kanye West Workout Plan

Today I was asked by someone, "What are you doing to get in shape?" Normally, that is something that would be an unwelcome and impolite comment, however this time context totally matters.  Context here?  We were discussing my trip to Nepal. Now, I've always been an...

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Came across this post from The Dish by Andrew Sullivan in my Google Reader earlier today. From the creators, Mixtape Club: "When F5 commissioned us to do a short film conveying happiness, we thought what better way to express our happiness than to distill the essence...

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