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Quiet night – perfect time for some baking

Made it home after the GOTV Rally at the U with President Obama.  It was a good time and I will have plenty of pictures soon. Decided I wanted to have quiet night at home - maybe watch a movie with the pup, do some stuff around the house, and bake some...

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I can haz change?

I'm braving a trek to Minneapolis today to go to the U to see President Barack Obama.  This is the 1st of his 4 most recent visits where I get to attend as me.  Not a staffer, not staffing my boss, but as an individual. I'm kind of excited about this. I love...

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Exploding the Pony vs Box o’ Kittehs

Florida Bomb Squads have had a rough few months. First we had the great Explode the Pony incident of 2010. Now we have the Box of Kittens Scare in Orlando. What's next? Troll Dolls shutting down a major interstate?

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My herd.

I've always been a big fan of animals and have had pets most of my life.  When I was little there was the standard string of carnival goldfish, a parakeet, a gecko (that phase didn't last too long), hamsters, in addition to Snickers the cat (that ended up living...

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You’re allergic to what?!?!

After 27 years of life my body decided that it was going to be allergic to a bunch of foods.  Let's just say the process of figuring this out was not an easy one and involved a number of trips to the ER, my doctor, various specialists and more tests then I care to...

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Minnesota’s Capital City – the Good Twin

For the last 3.5 years I've called St. Paul, Minnesota my home, and it truly has become that - my home, my port in the storm, my happy place.  One of the best parts of this city is the Capitol.  It is a beautiful building and one of my favorite places to...

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Gratuitous first post

I've been wanting to find an outlet for various parts of my life that aren't related to work or politics - so I've taken the plunge and created this blog.  Expect to see a lot of things about my experiences in cooking, being a dog owner, my attempts at photography,...

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