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It has been at least 3 days since I had coffee

But I made it to Nepal!   Today starts our first full day in Kathmandu. After arriving yesterday morning at 8 am, we had a low key day with nothing hard scheduled. I was most thankful to get out of my travellig clothes - 30+ hours of travelling later.  ...

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It’s Qatar not Cotter

See the full gallery on Posterous So I made it. 12 hrs after leaving JFK I have arrived in Doha, Qatar. Initial thought? It is as warm here as it was in Minnesota when I left. Odd. The flight was uneventful, I even managed to sleep. The entertainment was phenomenal. I...

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Empire State of Mind

I made it to JFK. Got lost. Found where I was supposed to be. Checked in for my flight to Doha. Found my mom. Now I just need to eat. And charge my phone. Have run into other people from my trip, and yes I am the youngest in the group. I did, on my flight to JFK find...

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My bags are packed. . . well they will be, at some point

Tomorrow is the day. I finally get to make my trek eastward towards Nepal. I have prepped as much as I can, and now just need to get everything into my suitcase and ready to go. So far I've: sprayed all of my clothes with promethrin procured 76GB of memory for my...

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Ok, iPod gods, you got my attention

Apparently, my iPod knew exactly the two songs to play while I was getting ready to head to a work event tonight. Listen to them.  I know they spoke to me pretty loudly and clearly.  "Song for a Friend" by Jason Mraz "Lean on Me" Glee Cast version Again, the...

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T-Minus 1 Week . . and counting

This is it. The final countdown. The last few days before I leave on my next big adventure. I've done a fair bit of travelling in my day - but this is a trip unlike any other I have taken.  I have never before needed vaccinations (thyphoid!) for my trips, or...

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Oh Hell to the No

This sums up my feelings about today (and certain things on other days. . .). I woke up feeling like my allergies beat me up last night with a blunt object.  Time to sleep and hope I feel better soon.  Seriously, ragweed, you need to go find somewhere else to do your...

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The Emmys, new Glee, and new Glee music? Oh my!

In a change from recent years, I'm actually going to watch the Emmys this year.  It has been awhile since I've watched an awards show on TV.  However, I have been watching a few of the shows that are up for nominations, so actually feel like I can watch and actually...

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