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Long travel days are long

Finally made it to Hanoi.  We've been here for about 2.5 hours and I'm currently settled in at the Hotel Celia for the night.  Tomorrow we get to sleep in a bit and then head out for a tour around Hanoi to give us an overview of the city.  Can I just mention that I'm...

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Why I am going – Part 2

I had hoped to write a bit more about this yesterday, however packing took me a bit longer than I had planned (*shakes fist at allergies or cold or whatever is causing me to be stuffy and cough*) Long story short - as many of you know I'm involved with People to...

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Why I am going – Part 1

As I approach my departure date (tomorrow!!!!), I keep getting asked variations on the following questions: "Is this a vacation?"  Kinda. "Are you going on a mission trip?"   Yes, but not that kind of mission. "Why are you going there?"  Why not? Throughout my life, I...

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Where will I be?

I've been trying to figure out how best to show where I'll be visiting during my upcoming trip, so I decided to create a rough map to give an idea of where we will be. Less than two weeks and we're off! View Cambodia, Laos, & Vietnam in a larger map

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Strength  (strngkth, strngth, strnth)  n. 1. The state, property, or quality of being strong. 2. The power to resist attack; impregnability. 3. The power to resist strain or stress; durability. 4. The ability to maintain a moral or intellectual position firmly. Being...

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Next up: Cambodia, Laos, & Vietnam!

That's right folks, I'm headed back to Asia.  What's on deck for this trip? MSP-->Chicago -->Seoul -->Vietnam-->Cambodia-->Laos-->Vietnam-->Seoul-->Chicago-->MSP I'll be traveling for 23 days, which is the longest trip since my first...

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Hey guys. Remember me? Remember this blog?

Well, it turns out that I kinda forgot about it and didn’t really post for awhile. Oops. I guess this is what happens when you are wrapping up being #onhaitus, go on vacation, start a new job, and suffer through approximately 9 months of winter.

Yes, that’s it.

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Bring it on, 2013

Happy New Year! I'm going to save everyone from the standard "year in review" post or even a "here are the top 10 songs of the year" post. For the most part. This past year was full of ups and downs (aren't they all really?!) but I'm glad to have had each of the...

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Those of you that follow me on Twitter know that I often tweet things using the hashtag #thingsithinkabout. Often these are random, silly, and rarely profound thoughts I have which are usually inspired by something I am watching or doing.

Some recent gems. . . . .

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Love > Hate

I was checking out some posts on and came across this post. I proceeded to watch the video, which gave me chills – in a good way.

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