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No shame in needing help

Last night I was sad to hear about the passing of Whitney Houston. She had a true gift which will live on through her music.

Addiction is a real, and often fatal, struggle for many people. Too often people do not know how or where to get help – in some cases due to barriers to access or the stigma related to such problems. The same is true for other mental illnesses as well.

This leads me to pose the question: When can there be a real discussion about how mental health is as important as physical heath?

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Inspiration can hit at any time

As I was leaving work today, I was struck by the beauty of the sunset. I captured it the best I could with my phone, since it was the only gear I had with me today. When I got home, I was able to get a few snaps with my lomo cam. Enjoy. I know I did.

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I came to an odd realization this weekend. . .

I will admit, I never really listened to Bjork before, a sad byproduct of the apparent musical cave I live in.  (I'm working on it, the whole "expanding my musical horizons thing").  However after I saw a mention of one of her songs somewhere, I fired up one of the...

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If only all Monday mornings were like this. . .

This Monday was one for me.  Not for anyone else. Just me.  And it was fabulous. Why?  It was different.  While, this is a one-time thing (not having to be at work until noon), it was needed, wanted, and exactly perfect. Simplicity was the theme of the morning.  I...

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Looking back is for the birds.

Or is it? Is looking back and thinking about our previous actions and thoughts and experiences a good thing?  Or is it an exercise in futility since we can't go back and change or undo the past?  Does it provide clarity and the opportunity to learn from a distance? ...

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Where will you be 5 years from now?

How many times have you been asked - or asked yourself - this question.  How much time or energy have you spent crafting your answer to this?  It seems like more often than not, the answers to this question tend to be of the "established in my career, married, 2.5...

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2011 (or the year Melissa got her groove back)

2011.  Oh, what a year you were.  You provided some great times and some not so great times.  A lot of people hated you and can't wait to move ahead to the next year.  My feelings towards you are a bit more complex and live quite firmly in the gray area between hate...

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What do “Milk” and “Schindler’s List” have in common?

On the surface, this question makes little sense – one movie is about the first openly gay man to be elected to major public office in he US and the other is about the horrors of WWII – but to me they both speak to some core aspects of humanity that seem to persevere regardless of era.

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Something’s coming. . . .and it’s gonna be great?!?

I came across another post on Thought Catalog today that just kind of hit me - not in a bad way, but more in the "this is an interesting thing to think about. . .".  To be honest, at first I was drawn in mainly because of the title, because who doesn't want wisdom...

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