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Jammy’s Jam of the Day – September 15, 2012

Today’s jam of the day is “Bright Whites” by Kishi Bashi.  I was turned on to this artist earlier this week by the good folks over at You, Me & Charlie when they posted an interview with Kishi Bashi from the FYF Fest held recently in LA.

I’m really enjoying the vibe of the tracks.  It makes me just want to chill in my backyard and read, take a long drive somewhere, or just enjoy the music and think about life.  Somewhat perfect for me right now.

You can check it out on band camp or on Spotify.

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend 🙂

Jammy’s Jam of the Day – November 2, 2011

This song came on my ipod while I was cooking dinner tonight.  Well, it was breakfast for dinner (my favorite!), but I digress. . .

“These Are Days” – 10000 Maniacs

There’s just something about this song that makes me smile and reminds me of good times past and present.  It is a reminder to be in the moment and experience what is going on around you.  Life is a series of moments – things we learn from, grow from, and make us who we are.

Enjoy these moments. Be happy. Don’t let fear stop you. Learn. Grow. Love. Share.



Lots to do and a Jam of the Day

I need to buckle down this weekend and get stuff done. I need to buckle down this weekend and get stuff done. I need to buckle down this weekend and get stuff done.

Maybe if I say it enough, I’ll actually get out of bed and do things? 

I digress. . .

Finally, August is over.  Well, technically I still have 1.5 days left in what I consider to be August (there’s a few others that may understand this), but they will be fairly easy, so the major part of it is done.  I think I did pretty well.  Things went smoothly, for the most part, and we got a lot done.  I didn’t do so well with getting enough sleep and eating decent food, but sometimes stress does odd things to us me.  Time to restart and refocus, now that this month is done. 

I also need to do stuff around my house, per usual, and go grocery shopping to replenish my dwindling food supplies.  One can live on Honey Nut Chex and cold press for only so long.

I will also take part in some much needed fun, relaxation, and hopefully some laughter.  Nothing replenishes me after a stressful time like these 3 things.

I’m going to end this post with a song.  Just seems perfect for the clouds that greeted me this morning and for the relaxing weekend I hope to have. 

Fred Jones Part 2” – The Copper Street Brass Quintet



Jammy’s Jam of the Day – July 3, 2011

I was tipped off to the 23 This Year: The Sub Pop Amazon Sampler (which is FREE on Amazon! – go get it now!) by a friend, and came across this song while shopping at Target.  Yes, I often to music while grocery shopping, which sometimes leads me to strutting around, bouncing my head, or generally getting into the song, but I digress. . . .

I am thankful that I have decided to expand what music I am listening too – otherwise I would be missing out on some really great music.  Not only am I adding variety to my choices, but also honing in on the genres I really like.  There are some other great songs in this mix too, and it’s free, so get it while you can! 🙂

I present today’s Jam of the Day – “Lost in My Mind” by The Head and the Heart.

Momma once told me
You’re already home where you feel loved
I am lost in my mind
I get lost in my mind