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The Saga of David Glass and the “Borrowed” Photos of Kids

Author's note:  This is part of a series of posts by on this.  The earlier posts can be found on Facebook here, here, here, and here.  Due to the fact that there are minors featured in the pictures discussed in this post, I have blurred their faces to protect their...

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A glimpse inside

Well, thanks to Sara Bareilles, I can offer a small glimpse of what types of thoughts go through my head when I have to meet new people, or really just interact with people in general.

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The Lies I Tell Myself

Now this post has been a long time coming, and I’m sure that I’ll have second thoughts after it is posted and be tempted to take it down and run away.

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My head hurts trying to figure out this logic. . .

I received an email today from the Minnesota Republican Party encouraging me to contact my legislator to encourage them to support the Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act (HF 1546). Now, I’m used to being on the opposite side of the Minnesota Republican Party (MnGOP) on most things. However, I am not used to their logic being so just. . .nonsensical that it makes me head hurt and inspires me to write a blog post. Well, congrats MnGOP, today you did just that.

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Yoga, Day 1

So, I’ve decided to try doing yoga.

There are a variety of reasons why, and I know how helpful stretching is for me and my back so I figured why not.

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It’s me against the world. . .

Right now I am, for lack of a better world, struggling. I feel as if everything is moving quickly and I just can’t keep up.

Now, this is not to say things are bad for me right now – in fact things are pretty decent. However, I keep running into large and dominant road blocks when I try to do things; if it isn’t writers block, then it’s no motivation, lack of creativity, exhaustion, too many ideas, lack of tools needed, the list goes on and on.

Now I read a question posed once about creativity and whether everyone is given a certain amount and once you use it up, it’s gone.

I surely hope this isn’t the case.

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