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Yoga, Day 1

So, I’ve decided to try doing yoga.

There are a variety of reasons why, and I know how helpful stretching is for me and my back so I figured why not.

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It’s me against the world. . .

Right now I am, for lack of a better world, struggling. I feel as if everything is moving quickly and I just can’t keep up.

Now, this is not to say things are bad for me right now – in fact things are pretty decent. However, I keep running into large and dominant road blocks when I try to do things; if it isn’t writers block, then it’s no motivation, lack of creativity, exhaustion, too many ideas, lack of tools needed, the list goes on and on.

Now I read a question posed once about creativity and whether everyone is given a certain amount and once you use it up, it’s gone.

I surely hope this isn’t the case.

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