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No shame in needing help

Last night I was sad to hear about the passing of Whitney Houston.  She had a true gift which will live on through her music.

Addiction is a real, and often fatal, struggle for many people. Too often people do not know how or where to get help – in some cases due to barriers to access or the stigma related to such problems.  The same is true for other mental illnesses as well.

This leads me to pose the question: When can there be a real discussion about how mental health is as important as physical heath?


Things that make me go hmmm. . . .

Usually when I find an article I like, I’ll post it on Facebook or tweet it, add some appropriate commentary (often witty and/or snarky), and share with others.  There is no rhyme or reason sometimes to what I find interesting in a given day – sometimes it’ll be an article about some current event, something about a new movie, TV show or movie, or something completely random.  My interests are varied (as anyone who has spent any time with me can attest to) and I have the attention span of a small animal at times (again, as anyone who has spent any time with me can attest to), so I’m going to try something different.  Not only will I aggregate a few things in one place, I’ll also post them once-a-day (when the mood strikes) and try to write a bit more than would fit on Twitter or work on Facebook.  Feel free to add your own comments to my thoughts – I am always interested in hearing what others think about things I think about. . .