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Usually when I find an article I like, I’ll post it on Facebook or tweet it, add some appropriate commentary (often witty and/or snarky), and share with others.  There is no rhyme or reason sometimes to what I find interesting in a given day – sometimes it’ll be an article about some current event, something about a new movie, TV show or movie, or something completely random.  My interests are varied (as anyone who has spent any time with me can attest to) and I have the attention span of a small animal at times (again, as anyone who has spent any time with me can attest to), so I’m going to try something different.  Not only will I aggregate a few things in one place, I’ll also post them once-a-day (when the mood strikes) and try to write a bit more than would fit on Twitter or work on Facebook.  Feel free to add your own comments to my thoughts – I am always interested in hearing what others think about things I think about. . .

1.  Kim Kardashian divorced Kris Humphries over… Minnesota?
In case you live under a rock, the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries lasted a whopping 72 days.  Most people know of Kim Kardashian as a result of her multi-facted reality TV show career, and really for being famous for pretty much no reason.  Kris Humphries is a native Minnesotan, who thought that after their super spending wedding Kim would be happy to give up her California dreams for the frozen tundra.  Apparently, she couldn’t handle the awesomeness known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and is hinting that this fine, upstanding state is to blame for the end of the marriage.

First of all, what did Minnesota do to you Kim?  We don’t have taxes on clothes, so that should have saved you some money.  We also have a lot of lakes, so you could still go to a beach.  Yes, it may get cold and snow a lot, but all in all, Minnesota has a lot going for it.

In addition, since she’s “divorcing” Minnesota, will the state get some sort of alimony payments?  Maybe a parting gift as she leaves?  I’m sure we can sell her engagement ring to help balance the state’s budget.

In all seriousness, stories like this – and the barrage of media attention they receive – make me sad, frustrated, and irked.  If marriage is so important, then why aren’t the same people that are saying that gay marriage will be the downfall of the institution not standing up and saying the same about these blink and you miss ’em “traditional” marriages?  How do they explain away this?

Let’s celebrate marriages based on love, respect, and commitment.  Let’s celebrate the happiness and joy they create and share with others.  Let’s not spend days and hours talking about two millionaires who were married for less time than it takes a car to need an oil change.  I would love to see a media outlets stalk about 5 other couples (regardless of the makeup of the couple) that got married on the same day as Kris and Kim to show the bigger picture.

2.  50 Years Ago: The World in 1961

This photo gallery from The Atlantic highlights 50 pictures from 1961.  I initially clicked on this link since it was related to photography but I was surprised at my some of reactions/thoughts to the collection and not at all by others.  Overall, it is a great collection of photos – and reminds me I should do more in black and white myself.

Some thoughts. . .

  • My love of the 1960s fashion.  As a result of Mad Men and Glee’s love for retro dresses for certain characters, I have grown to love the fashion of the 60s.  There is something about the clean lines and the structure and style that appeals to me.  I’m finding myself searching on line for dresses and jackets reflective of the era trying to determine if I can pull it off.  One day, I hope to.
  • I totally geeked out at the NASA and space related photos.  I’m a bit of a NASA geek, so these photos made me want to bust out “The Right Stuff” for a read.
  • Flat panel TVs and DVRs have been around for a while, eh? (see photo 22)
  • College kids will do just about anything to set a world record. (see photo 34)
  • 50 years later many of the issues captured on film are still playing out today.  Riots and protests over inequality? Check.  Groups formed to hate people based on a single criteria? Check  American soldiers at war overseas?  Check. In summary – the more things change, the more they stay the same?

What will the pictures of today say 50 years from now?  Will society still be facing these same issues, or will we have some breakthroughs and no longer have so much hate and violence?  I hope, for the future’s sake, that things change.  It won’t be overnight.  It won’t be instant change, but I believe that if we all try to do our part to share love, respect, and happiness, peace will prevail.

Do your part.  Deal?

3.  Media Misrepresents Transgender Children in Colorado Girl Scouts Coverage
I don’t really know how many people know about this story, but it has been an interesting one to watch develop.  For those that don’t know, I was a Girl Scout for 15 years (as both a girl and an adult member) and received my Gold Award, which is the Girl Scout version of the Eagle Award.

I was pleased to see the reports that the Girl Scout council in Colorado said that the kid that wanted to join would be allowed to – regardless of any other issues at play.  My experience with Girl Scouts was a positive one and we were always taught about being accepting of others, even if they were different than us.  I remember the issue being discussed, even in grade school, about the girls who were of different faith traditions not being required to say God in the Girl Scout Promise and/or Law.  They could replace with their faith-appropriate word or leave it out, but it was the girl’s choice not the organization’s.  Girl Scouts also did not create any policies that would ban or limit participation my members of the LGBT community – as members or leaders – they were open to anyone that wanted to join and be a part of the organization.

Some people are saying that by letting this young kid join an organization that interests him will be detrimental to the entire Girl Scout organization and also is akin to child abuse.  While I will often exaggerate to make a point, and understand its use in writing and speaking, this is a case where I feel like someone is taking a HUGE leap on a jump to conclusion mat.  Also, it’s not like being in Girl Scouts in mandatory or violating any laws by letting this kid in.  I guess I don’t see what is so wrong here. . .

I don’t know about any of you, but I know when I was a kid I had interests that varied from day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month.  Isn’t that kind of what being a kid is all about?  I tried dancing, horseback riding, tennis lessons, art classes at the park district, summer enrichment programs, etc.  I was a kid.  I was trying to figure out what I liked, what I didn’t like, and what I was good at, and what allowed me to have fun.  What is so wrong with this?  What if I had wanted to join Little League instead of softball?  What if I wanted to do karate?  I shouldn’t matter – we are all trying to find our hobbies and things that make us happy, and should be judged by others for our choices.  As an adult, I find enjoyment in writing about my favorite TV shows and am a big fan of Harry Potter.  Some may say I’m “too old” to enjoy these things, but I do and I am OK with my choices.

This kid may not be happy in his current body and at some point may fully change his gender, but at this point if he wants to sell cookies and earn badges as a Girl Scout, I say go ahead.  More power to him. I’ll buy cookies from that troop – just let me know where to send the check.

Long story, short?  Who am I (or anyone tht isn’t his parent) to decide for this kid what he wants to do.  Just because it is different, doesn’t mean it is wrong.  Respect and understanding is awesome.  This is what we should be teaching kids.

Hopefully these thoughts are coherent and make some sort of sense.  It’s been a long few weeks, and my sleep cycle still isn’t back to normal.  Soon, I hope.

Cheers. Namaste.

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