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My never-ending creative to-do list

It should shock no one that I have a bunch of creative projects around my house that are in varying states of completion.  I was going to work on things this spring/summer, but then I said yes to not one, but two, candidates so was somewhat busy until November 5.  Now those campaigns are over and I have no others on my radar (more on that later) and I have ALL THE FREE TIME!

This means I can release my creativity!

In no particular order, here’s my creative to do list for the next few months:

  • Sort through Vietnam photos. (I took over 8000, can you blame me for putting this task off?)
  • Organize my photos – including an online portfolio
  • Frame all of the things sitting in my home office closet waiting to get framed
  • Write more things that aren’t for work

I can’t wait to be able to mark these things as done and have more art in my home and office.  Not to mention the personal benefits that come from embarking on creative tasks – if I can’t be creative, everything else suffers.

Anyone willing to help keep me honest on this?  Do you have a creative project of your own that you want to accomplish and maybe we can be project buddies?

What am I listening to right now?

Since I was on the road a lot recently, and also in the midst of some projects that involve me needing to zone out and focus, I’ve been pretty much listening to music 24/7. Wait – this isn’t really a change from my norm.  Carry on.

So what am I listening to as of late?  Well, I’ve got two albums on heavy rotation, with a third recently getting added to the mix.


Some initial post trip thoughts. . .

It’s been almost a week since I arrived back in Minnesota after my trip.  In fact, at this point a week ago I was in a plane that was flying eastward as a part of my 30 hour journey from Hanoi to St. Paul.

I’m slowly but surely getting used to being back home.  I’ve done some laundry, paid a couple of bills I forgot to pay before I left (oops), gone through 3 weeks of work email and documents and back into the campaign saddle.  There is still a lot I need to do, mainly the rest of my laundry, moving my empty suitcase from the middle of the living room, and getting actual food in my house, but that’ll happen eventually.

As I look back, I realize the past week has seemed to just fly by.  It seems as if the last 6 days have lasted as long as one day while I was traveling.  Once I had this realization, I began to wonder why – time is time and it’s not like days in Minnesota are shorter than in SE Asia. . .

What is different?

And then out of nowhere, it hits you

Sometimes, song lyrics say things more clearly than I ever could.  Feeling inspired, humbled, and thankful for so many things and so many people right now.  Almost overwhelming but energizing at the same time.

I don’t wanna be someone who walks away so easily
I’m here to stay and make the difference that I can make
Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use
The tools and gifts we got, yeah, we got a lot at stake . . . .
. . . .we didn’t break, we didn’t burn
We had to learn how to bend without the world caving in
I had to learn what I’ve got, and what I’m not, and who I am

God knows I’m tough enough (I am tough, I am loved)
We’ve got a lot to learn (we’re alive, we are loved)
God knows we’re worth it (and we’re worth it)


Time for rest and some reflection before bed, since I have to head back to work tomorrow.