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I was tipped off to the 23 This Year: The Sub Pop Amazon Sampler (which is FREE on Amazon! – go get it now!) by a friend, and came across this song while shopping at Target.  Yes, I often to music while grocery shopping, which sometimes leads me to strutting around, bouncing my head, or generally getting into the song, but I digress. . . .

I am thankful that I have decided to expand what music I am listening too – otherwise I would be missing out on some really great music.  Not only am I adding variety to my choices, but also honing in on the genres I really like.  There are some other great songs in this mix too, and it’s free, so get it while you can! 🙂

I present today’s Jam of the Day – “Lost in My Mind” by The Head and the Heart.

Momma once told me
You’re already home where you feel loved
I am lost in my mind
I get lost in my mind


jam of the day, Music

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