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One thing that I enjoy doing, especially when I need something that is a distraction but low stakes, is play video games.  I have played video games for years, but never really connected how useful it was until now, but that’s a story for another post.

A few years ago, I found some streamers on Facebook that I got into and enjoyed watching.  As I kept watching, I also ended up becoming a supporter to a few of them because they were providing me with content and entertainment.  

One of those streamers is DWolf.  He has been open in his streams about some of his struggles with mental health stuff and last week launched a podcast where he is going to share things and just talk about his experiences.

I’ve had pretty much no energy as of late, so haven’t had the chance to write some stuff from my perspective (but I have a few posts percolating in my head. . .).  I want to share the first episode he dropped at the end of last week to amplify another person on a similar journey to mine and hoping that sharing our stories can be helpful to others.

More from me soon.

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