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I like snarky/witty/random tshirts and I’d like to get a new one for my birthday.  However, there are just too many great options out there and I can’t decide.  So, I’m looking for some help to spend a bit of my money by crowdscourcing the decision.

Here are the “finalists”, in no particular order:

1.  Evil Genius

2.  Meh

3.  Catnip

4. Quack!

5.  Back to the Future shirt to be named later (there are quite a few options I’m thinking about)

6.  Not My Fault

7.  Selected options from The Oatmeal (Special Ops Bunny, War Kitten, or Polar Bear in Coffee)

Let me know which one I should get, or offer up a suggestion of your own (nothing too racy or vulgar, yeah?).  Aaaand, go!


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