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Greetings from the Kathmandu Airport. We are waiting on our (delayed) flight to Pokhara. They divided the group in half for this flight, and my mom and I were in the second group. We got an extra hour of sleep and to prep. However, once we got to the airport – the first group was still here. There was weather this morning that has delayed most of the flights, so now we are waiting for everything to catch up.

The good aspect this is that is we were doing our Everest flight today, we wouldn’t have been able to go because of the weather. I am thankful we went yesterday, no doubt.

Last night we went to one of the former palaces which has been restored and has a restaurant and shops. We got to eat the typical “royal meal” (aka what the majarajahs used to eat) and see examples of native Neaplese folks dances. The meal included wild boar! And yes, I ate it (my mom not so much). As is typically me, I of course, thought of Moulin Rouge and kept waiting for Spectacular, Spectacular to break out. It never did. 🙁

At some point today, we will get to Pokhara. I’m not sure what we are up to once we get there, but I am sure it will be awesome. I really enjoyed our time in Kathmandu and look forward to returning at the end of our trip. The school we visited yesterday was quite interesting – and I will share more about it later. It was a school that also has a non-profit component to do more than just offer a free school for underprivileged kids. This country is amazing. I have seen so much over the past few days that it almost seems overwhelming, but I am thankful to see what I am seeing first-hand. Experiences like this help me remember to keep perspective on various things in my life. I am sure I will talk more about this as the journey continues.

I have already taken ~2000 photos! My guess is that I will hit 10000 before this trip is over. Best ideas ever were to rent the wideangle lens and buy a ton of memory. We should be departing soon, so I shall sign off for now. I miss you all, but am having a blast.


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