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So, I am kind of special at times. Yesterday was one of those times. Why?

I was so excited about getting my haircut, that I left my keys on my desk. Which I realized *after* my appointment, looooooong after everyone had left my office and locked up for the day. So I decided to walk home, or at least to Cotter’s. This morning I was saved by a roommate who gave me a ride to work (thanks, Meredith) so avoided having to walk all the way to work. Yay, go me!?

As a result of this “issue”, I again realized how much I like walking places. Granted it was getting dark and kind of chilly but I enjoyed the time to listen to some music, take in my surroundings, and think. It just makes me a bit sad to think that prime walking weather in Minnesota is pretty much behind us. Gone are the days were I could just go as I am and take Scout for a walk in the neighborhood. Now I have to find a jacket and shoes and socks, and soon even add a jacket for Scout. I think I am going to try to walk this winter as much as I can, if only to tire out the dog during the long march through winter. Plus, I do enjoy the beauty of Minnesota after a fresh coat of snow.

In other news, I am happy it is Friday. I am still feeling a bit blah post-trip. I can’t wait to spend this weekend sleeping and/or napping and doing laundry. I hope to also finish the last few recaps of my trip for here and also finish uploading photos. I am still riding the high from my trip, however. I really really really loved that trip. But I shall ramble on this subject more later. 🙂

I hope you all are well. Cheers and namaste.

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