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Or much, much more, what would you do with it?

Buy a new car?  Never work another day?  Travel the world?  Volunteer for a favorite cause?  Give it all away?  Invest?  Keep your life the way it is?

I know I’ve uttered the phrase, “If I won the lottery, I’d. . . ” more often then I care to admit.  Often times the ending of that statement depends on my mood or the situation.  Sometimes it may be to move to Australia, buy a new car, travel, or go on a shopping spree.  Other times it will be that I’d donate some, do something for friends and family or something along those lines.

These answers reflect my wants, interests, needs.  These are things that will make me happy (or so I think), more comfortable, or add value to my life.

What is stopping me – or any of us – from at least indulging in a version of these wishes?  Why are we writing them off as something that can only be accomplished with the prerequisite of having loads of money or time?

Why not do them now?  If these are things that truly are important to us, why wait? 

Granted, some of these wishes are beyond things that we can do now – i.e. my desire to live in Australia or to go on an extended trip around the world – but some can be tweaked to still give us the benefits of doing them. 

I want to see new places and learn about the world around me, so instead of a year long trip around the world, I can take some road trips, read about other places in the world, or can even begin to save and plan for a trip in the future that is more realistic with my current job and responsibilities.   But I don’t have to completely write this off.

I can still donate to my favorite causes or organizations – maybe not with a huge financial contribution, but I can donate my time or my talents.

I can do things for friends and family by helping out when they need it.  Doesn’t need to be a huge thing, rather something small to make a positive impact. 

I think too often we view our wants and needs as an all-or-nothing proposition.  Or think that because of other responsibilities – work, family, animals – we have to take care of those first before doing something for ourselves.  This doesn’t have to be.  There is no reason to postpone trying fulfill your wishes.

One thing that I’ve learned recently is that when you do take the time out to indulge in even a small version of one of your ultimate wants, you still get benefits.  As the old saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  Don’t put off trying to do things.  Granted, it may not be exactly what you wish for, but may end up paying more dividends then you expect.

Go ahead, aim high.  Think of what you want, what your wishes are, and try to achieve them.  Yes, you will need to blanace with the things you need to do, but it will be worth it in the end and likely make your life a little bit better. 

I know it has for me.

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