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Together, anything is possible.
Together, we can go to the stars and beyond.
Together, we can reach higher, move faster, & do more.
Together, dreams become reality.

Yesterday I had one of those days where I found my self faced with a problem: my mind was bursting with the want to be creative but it was a Thursday so I had a full day at work ahead of me.  Needless to say this made getting through the most decidedly non-creative writing and other things I had to do a bit more difficult, but I managed get make it through.

One thing, however, that I did sneak in during my lunch break was the four lines posted above.  Now, I write a lot, for work mostly, but I don’t fancy myself someone who gets into real creative writing (at least not anymore).  Maybe this sudden urge is my minds way of saying “Hey you! I’m gonna need some time to use my creativity – in some way – whether you like it or not.”

These are the moments I am thankful for something I carry with me at all times (and no, it’s not my phone.  sometimes I do use a paper and pen) to capture these thoughts and bursts of creativity.  Maybe I’ll use time over my lunch break to write or wander around for a bit and take pictures.  I’m thinking there’s a lesson in here for me, one that will help me as I continue along my journey – that I am a creative person, I have ways to express myself and my thoughts in some pretty cool ways that I should use more since it makes me happy.

There’s a phrase – “use your words” – that I find oddly appropriate at times, however I think I’m going to take it one step further and use my words, my photos, and other creative outlets to share.

Sometimes you just have to indulge those creative moments – you never know where I may lead to or what the result may be, but trying is often enough of a reward.  🙂

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