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But I made it to Nepal!


Today starts our first full day in Kathmandu. After arriving yesterday
morning at 8 am, we had a low key day with nothing hard scheduled. I
was most thankful to get out of my travellig clothes – 30+ hours of
travelling later.


Instead of resting and napping, I left the hotel with 6 others in my
group and we went on a walking tour in “Old Kathmandu”. After getting
lost (surprising? I think not) we ended up finding the route we wanted
to be on.


We were walking through the “side streets” – basically if it had
wheels and/or legs it would try to travel down it. We passed shops
selling everything and anything. Take a turn down a small pathway and
you’d find yourself in a quiet courtyard with a small temple or
shrine. Some were simple, some ornate, all stunning.


It was also amazing to see people from all walks of life walkin
through the bustling streets. Also, I have come to the conclusion that
there are hipsters everywhere, yes even in Kathmandu. Oh, and the
Nepalese like Bieber. I kept seeing posters hung up at some of the
shops and even playing at a cafe.


And yes, they also sell Glee DVDs. Heh.


I am really glad that I went on the adventure yesterday. It was a
great immersion into Nepal. And I got to know some of the people I am
travelling with.


So far I am loving this country. It is so different than what I am
used to, but yet I feel comfortable. I’ll likey be uploading photos in
a separate post – keep a look out. Still working out the logisitcs of


I hope you are all well.


As the Nepalese say, namaste.

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