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Hi Everybody! I'm Emily, and as Melissa said, I'm going to post a few things on here every once in awhile. I thought I'd start out with a Top 5. As a lot of you know, M has been expanding her musical horizons for the last couple of months, and I've suggested a few songs and artists to her. I'd like to take credit and let you think that I have an inherent and awesome musical taste, but the truth is that I work for a really great radio station smack-dab in the middle of Missouri ( – click on Listen Live!), and I crib my music suggestions straight off of its airwaves. These songs are straight out of our heavy rotation, and I love them all. They're probably songs you could describe as Summer Songs, but while most are upbeat, they don't all necessarily have the positive, light themes you usually think of when you think of a Summer Song (see: The Thong Song, Summer Love, Surfin' Safari). What can I say? I'm a complicated girl with multi-layered sensibilities (and an inordinate fondness for big words :). I dare you not to get these songs stuck in your head!

1. "Pumped Up Kicks" Foster The People
OK, here's one of those multi-layered songs to start things off. This is the most poppy, danceable and upbeat song I've ever heard that's also about bullying and a school shooting.

2. "Holding Onto Black Metal" My Morning Jacket
I'm going to lose a little of what hipster cache I had by saying that I wasn't really into MMJ til they had several songs on the radio. We just didn't click before, but this song is rockin'.

3. "Give Me Something" Scars on 45
Have I said how much I love my job (sometimes)? I heard of this band for the first time earlier this year when they came in for an in-studio interview and performance. They weren't playing in our town, but were driving between St. Louis and Kansas City, and wanted the airtime. They're great, and the best part is, they're coming back to town for a show at the end of the summer (they're touring with soul/blues guy Marc Broussard)! I'm stoked!

4. "Rumor Has It" Adele
I will never not love Adele. I know she's all Ms. Top-Of-The-Charts now, but when I first heard one of her songs nearly 3 years ago on a British new artists website, I knew I was hooked. Then I saw her awesome ginger hair and heard her give an interview and she's taking over that bitter-but-damn-musically-talented Alanis Morissette role. There aren't many celebrities I get fan-girly over, but I seriously think Adele would be a blast to hang around and have a glass of wine with.

5. "Windows Are Rolled Down" Amos Lee
I told a friend that this was one of my Summer Songs, and she said, "But it's so sad!" I guess it is, but I think it's also kind of hopeful. I know when I get overwhelmed, my favorite thing is to drive through the country. I love living in an area where I can put the top down on my convertible (got you jealous yet? 🙂 and just drive. I just kinda get what A Lee is throwing down here. I can't wait to see him with Jammy at the Basilica Block Party in less than a month!

That's all I've got for now! See you guys next time! (I mean – if you like this. Now I'm very nervous that I came off as ramble-y and dorky. I have to go obsess over it for the next 48 hours now. Bye)

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