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This is a debate/discussion I’ve had with people from time to time – what are five albums, regardless of genre or original release date, that everyone should own.  Or at the very least listen to once.  Sometimes we’ll agree, but more often there are disagreements, but always an interesting conversation.  You can really learn a lot about people during a discussion like this and also find out some unexpected musical likes or dislikes that people you know have. 

What I’m looking for in a CD to make the list is one that just hits some sort of musical zen for me – a collection songs that are timeless or an album that flows from beginning to end perfectly.  My list changes from time to time, but here is the current version:

1.  Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits

2.  “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” – Lauryn Hill

3.  “Number Ones” – Michael Jackson

4.  “MTV Unplugged in New York” – Nirvana

5.  “Viva la Vida” – Coldplay

Agree? Disagree? What are your five essential albums? 

Share away, my friends.

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