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This is not an exhaustive list, not in the least, but these are places I’ve thought of lately and the memories they hold. 

1. Wakiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii – This brings back great memories of my grandparents and the trips to this slice of paradise I was lucky enough to have visited.  I am forever thankful for them instilling in me a love of travel.  Thank you, and I miss you.

2. Sydney Harbor, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – This is the location where I pushed myself to overcome one of my greatest fears – heights – to participate in a truly amazing experience.  It also marks where my journey began through this amazing country.  This trip provided for me the inspiration for much of my research through graduate school and continues to impact me today.  If teleportation were real, I would totally live in Australia, or at least visit frequently.


3.  Fox Lake, Wisconsin – Another place that reminds me of my grandparents and the many weekends and weeks I spent visiting them in Wisconsin.  It was our family’s get-away place, tucked on the far side of the lake (aka the quieter side) where we could go enjoy fresh air, fishing, boat rides, reading, and all of the things that were quiessentially “the Lake”.  I should really try to get back there sometime soon.


4. Saint Paul, Minnesota – Pretty sure this one is pretty obvious. This is the place I moved to on somewhat on a whim – to follow a job – and ended up finding a new place to call home. This city and state have offered me some remarkable experiences and the opportunity to grow and challenge myself. It’s a great city (I’d even venture to say the better of the Twin Cities, but I know others would disagree), and I’m glad I found it.


5. Chicago, Illinois – My first home. Location of my formative years. A place I still do enjoy visiting, and wish I had time to visit more often (hurry up high speed rail!). This is where all of my family is. Plus, it’s on of the world’s great cities, full of such a rich and diverse history and a lot of great food. If you haven’t visited, you really need to, soon.



Note: All of the photos, except the first, are mine. First one is from

take 5

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