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I’ve apparently missed out on a lot of good TV over the last few years, so I’m going to attempt to make up for lost time.  Now that I don’t have cable, I’m no longer a slave to my DVR or what is currently on.  Thank cheesus for Netflix.

Better late than never, yeah?

Here’s the line-up:

1.  30 Rock – I was on Team Studio 60 when this show started, so avoided it.  Now, I’m embracing it because it is pretty awesome.

2.  Parks and Rec – This show is pretty much my life in TV show form.

3.  Dr. Who – I know tons of people that watch this show and have been told I would enjoy it.  Plus, it continues my newly discovered love of all things BBC.

4.  6 Feet Under – All I’ve seen is the “Rapture” clip, but that was pretty hilarious.

5.  Well, turns out I only have four. . . . .any suggestions?  Please?  Preferably something that I can stream or that you are willing to lend me the DVDs of.  Aaaand, go!

Random, take 5

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