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Yesterday, I had to walk from my office to a friend’s house for a ride home due to what I will refer to as CARFAIL 2011.  I ended up walking along the normal route that I drive to and from work each day.  One thing that struck me about half-way into the mile long walk is how your perspective changes when you’re not in a car zooming by at 35 MPH.

I noticed small things like kids playing in the front yard of an apartment building – their laughter and joy rising above the din of the cars driving by.  I noticed the details on some of the great old houses along the street, where people have worked to preserve the historic beauty and charm.  I noticed the number of small buisnesses along the route, many bustling with customers and covering a wide variety of needs – including a Thai restaurant, a motorcycle shop, a music school, a youth hostel and a co-op.

I nodded hi to people as I walked by, each of us on our own journey, our own path, but recognizing we were both a part of this community.  While I may have been in my own world with my thoughts and music, I was still taking in what was around me. This often happens while I am walking around my own neighborhood during walks with Scout.

I want to see what is going on around me – notice those small things that bring a smile to my face or remind me of something.  I think I’m going to try to make it a point to go on more walks or ride my bike more places while the weather cooperates.  It not only helps me connect with things around me, but also has the pesky side benefit of being good for me.

It’s amazing the things you notice when you slow down a bit and really look at what is going on around you.  Something I need to do more of, and I’m looking forward to it.

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