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No, we can’t just get a new VAN, part 2

Note: My thoughts and conclusions posted here are not meant to be accusations or proof of anything.  It is just my analysis of what information is out there.  I know that some may not believe that NGP is being accurate in what they are saying or that there is some...

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No, we can’t just get a new VAN. . .

So, at this point everyone should have heard about the data issue that happened involving the the Democrats running for President.  However, there seems to be a lot of misinformation floating around out there about what happened, along with people just having no...

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20 Hours in America. . . .

There’s a lot going on in the world right now – with the bad out shadowing the good. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings going through my mind, but at this time I am unable to translate them into something coherent. Since my own words are lacking, I am going to share some words from President Bartlet from one of the greatest episodes of TV ever.

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A glimpse inside

Well, thanks to Sara Bareilles, I can offer a small glimpse of what types of thoughts go through my head when I have to meet new people, or really just interact with people in general.

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The Lies I Tell Myself

Now this post has been a long time coming, and I’m sure that I’ll have second thoughts after it is posted and be tempted to take it down and run away.

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My head hurts trying to figure out this logic. . .

I received an email today from the Minnesota Republican Party encouraging me to contact my legislator to encourage them to support the Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act (HF 1546). Now, I’m used to being on the opposite side of the Minnesota Republican Party (MnGOP) on most things. However, I am not used to their logic being so just. . .nonsensical that it makes me head hurt and inspires me to write a blog post. Well, congrats MnGOP, today you did just that.

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