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Songs for a cloudy day

We’re finally transitioning from summer to fall here in Minnesota.  As much as I love love love our perfect summers, there is something somewhat magical about this time in Minnesota as well.  I think is has to do with the fact you don’t have to wear 34723942 layers of clothes to stay warm and the colors and light are just beautiful.  (Note to self: schedule time soon to make a drive to capture some fall colors on film and SD card)

Woke up today to a cloudy and somewhat overcast day, and dare I say it crisp, day.  It was a far cry from the 80 degrees and sunny we had yesterday, but is still lovely in it’s own way.  Since I will be stuck inside most of the day doing a lot of work I figured I should create a playlist that would reflect the change in weather.  Not only did I succeed in doing this, I also succeed in wanting to go back to bed and just hunker down under my uberwarm comforter.

Luckily I overcame this obstacle (through the use of copious amounts of coffee) and persevered to have quite a productive morning on a number of fronts.  Aaaand, as a bonus it’s no longer ubercloudy!

That being saiad, I’m still listening to my Cloudy Day list since it needs to be cultivated for the winter ahead.  A little bit ago “That Wasn’t Me” by Brandi Carlile came on, and as is usual for me, the lyrics just resonated with me.  Lyrics are posted below and you can listen to it here.


Jammy’s Jam of the Day – September 15, 2012

Today’s jam of the day is “Bright Whites” by Kishi Bashi.  I was turned on to this artist earlier this week by the good folks over at You, Me & Charlie when they posted an interview with Kishi Bashi from the FYF Fest held recently in LA.

I’m really enjoying the vibe of the tracks.  It makes me just want to chill in my backyard and read, take a long drive somewhere, or just enjoy the music and think about life.  Somewhat perfect for me right now.

You can check it out on band camp or on Spotify.

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend 🙂

The xx “Coexist”

Now that I have Spotify, I actually hear more new music when it is new and also by the original artists, and not just via covers from Glee.

As a result of this development, I’ve been listening to “Coexist” by The xx this week.  And you should too. Seriously. Go. Listen.

This seems to be the perfect music for the fact that the weather is getting colder.  Just the perfect amount of mellow with out being too angsty.   I can’t wait to spend some time this weekend listening to this album while reading and just enjoying some me time.  Maybe even while reading by the fire in my backyard.  Decisions!

Oh, and if you’re Spotify, you can listen to this album here.


I’m a one-woman musical

Some may know this and some may not, but I must confess . . .I’m a bit of a musical theater geek.

I have been known to get into a mood where I’ll become a one-woman musical and just belt out my favorite songs, dance around and just have fun doing my own off-off-off-off-off-Broadway productions.  It is actually one of my life goals to have a musical break out around me – I guess it would be more of a flashmob – but you get my point.  I would not be sad in the least if someone came up to me and said that they wanted me to move to New York right away to be on Broadway for a few weeks.  Granted my singing skills aren’t those of a Broadway lead, but I can totally sing back up and sway in the background – not. a. problem.  And the campy dance numbers!  Sign. me. up.

Growing up I saw a lot of shows in Chicago, including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat about a bajillion times during its long run with Donny Osmond at the Chicago Theatre and Jesus Christ Superstar in religion class during lent.  Not to mention my stint in choir in grade school included numbers from Phantom of the Opera and JCS and in band throughout the years we played various musical numbers and I have also done solo performances of some of my favorite songs.  There is something utterly beautiful about musicals.  Something that sets the music apart form the rest of the music that is out there.  The strong chords, the beautiful ballads, the drama, suspense and emotion that comes through the songs is just almost unexplainable.  You know what I’m referring to, that feeling you get when the music just hits you (i.e. ~2:30 in “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from JCS, ~4:30 in “Defying Gravity” from Wicked, ~1:00 in “One Hand, One Heart” from West Side Story, or ~3:08 in “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Mis).

I should get back to my tasks for today, which totally includes singing and dancing around my house. 🙂