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Bust out the tshirts and flip-flops – it was in the 30s today in Minnesota!

I took advantage of the warm up to take advantage of a few things and spend some time outside. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was outside and not shivering without 484 layers in.

First order of business was taking Scout to the dog park. I think he could tell it was warm outside and was a bundle of energy all morning. I got him suited up and in the car to head off to the dog park. This was exactly what he needed. He pretty much ran for an hour straight.

Next up was the battle of the snowbank blocking the walkway by my house. This has been there since the first big snow storm and with the uber cold, there was little we could do. Jason decided to tackle it, and with the combination of a shovel, ice melt, a baseball bat and a hammer we were able to clear a path! Mr Florida did most of the work in just a tshirt an jeans. He’s totally turning into a Minnesotan.

I’m looking forward to warmer temps for the next week or so, but not looking forward to possibly getting water in the basement. Joys of homeownership…..

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