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Thank you.

Two simple words that we really don’t say often enough and truly mean it.  Often times we seem to utter these simple words as an afterthought, a p.s., a  common courtesy that ends most interactions.  How often do you go out of your way to thank those who truly impact your life?  People that give and sacrifice their time, their ideas, their support, their love, or their talents to make our lives a little bit better. 

Make it a goal to tell those in your life that you are thankful for what they bring to your life – everyone needs to know they are appreciated.

For those of you I know that may be reading this, know this: I am very thankful for what you add to my life and am honored for what you have given me.  It has made me and will continue to make me a better person. 

Life is a journey, and every journey needs companions – to make the road traveled a bit easier, more fun, and (in my opinion) full of laughter and smiles. 

As is my traditional way, I also have a song to help explain fully my thoughts on this.  Enjoy.

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