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I’ve never seen it before, but earlier this week I decided to check out the 2011 TIME 100 list.  I will admit, I got the link via Twitter when Diana Aragorn tweeted about Chris Colfer being named to the list, but I digress . . .

I had a number of thoughts as I was going through the list.  There were a few people that I have a strong dislike for who I wished weren’t included.  There were a number of people on the list who I like and thought were perfect to include.  Then there were the people who I had not idea who they were before reading their blurb on the website.  This list hit many facets of society – politcs, entertainers, scientists, etc – and also includes people from around the world. 

I also took note of the short blurbs that accompanied each person’s photo or image.  These were written by someone who knew the person, not just some staff writer, and you could tell.  The statements captured why this person was worthy to make the list, but also shed light on to the author too. 

I began to wonder – if I ever was on a list such as this, who would I want to write my blurb?  Would I want a coworker? A friend? A family member? Who would truly know me – or would it depend on what part of me I would like to highlight? What would they even say?

Needless to say, I didn’t come to any conclusions or make any decisions, but it was interesting to think about and made me wonder.

Who would you have write about you if you were in this situation?



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