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Note: I normally won’t post about politics or work, but I needed to share my thoughts on this event.

To put the weekend’s tragedy in perspective, the young Giffords staffer killed, Gabe Zimmerman, had a job similar to mine and the jobs of many of my friends. This could have just as easily have happened to me. No one, regardless of their political beliefs, deserves to be faced with incivility and violence in their line of work.

I think that, without pointing any fingers and blame, we can all agree that this is a lesson that freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences. This applies to anyone, regardless of political persuasion. Everyone needs to tone down the violent rhetoric and imagery, which I’m sure is not something you’d want today’s youth to see or adopt in their lives. Civil discourse is needed at times like this.  We need people calling for it from all sides.

I’m going to offer an action item for you all: consider writing a note to the local office of your US Senators and Representative thanking them and their staff for their service, regardless if you voted for them or not.  These staffers serve all people in the district and/or state, so represent you as well.  As someone who has received many kind notes and messages from people over the past few days, their thoughts and support have been helpful with putting recent events in perspective.  If you want assistance in figuring out where to direct a message, I can help you out with that.

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