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Just wanted to share something that I recently submitted to the site You, Me, & Charlie.  Now, I don’t know if it will get posted there *crossing my fingers that it will*, but I wanted to share it here too, since it’s a message that is a great reminder for all of us.


During an unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon, I found myself lost in the moment playing on the swings at an elementary school in the city I now call home, carefree, lost in a moment of pure joy, enjoying the sun and in awe of the simple beauty of my surroundings.  This was not where I planned to be at that moment, but I let myself wander and indulge in something that made me happy.  It is in these moments of wandering that I find that I gain insight into myself, and can truly seen how I have grown and developed into the person I am today. 

I know that even if I try to plan each day, each moment, each experience, there are some things that are just out of my control.  But I am excited.  I am excited about decisions I am making for me, for my life, for my happiness and growth.  I am focusing on a five minute plan – things I can do in the near future to have a more immediate impact.  Not what someone tells me to.  Not what I think I should be doing, but what I want to do; something that adds meaning to my life or makes me happy.  It doesn’t have to be something huge, but it will have an impact and move you further towards your ultimate goals.  At the end of day, these are the things that I know make me feel rewarded and fulfilled.

This approach allows for more freedom, more exploration, more chances to try new and different things since I’m not tying myself to any one path.  I’m trying not to be afraid of making some wrong turns.  I’m listening to my heart, working on being happy, and following what inspires me. I may end up taking a slight detour, but I believe I’m still on my way to where I am meant to be. 

As I meander down this road I find myself traveling on, I’ve developed the following mantra: Be thankful. Be happy. Be in the moment. Learn from the past, live for today and prepare yourself for the future. Don’t be afraid to do, be afraid of not doing. Embrace change and the unknown. Learn and share. Take care of you. Give yourself to others. Dream. Be the brightest star you can. Live.

Long story short?  Don’t be afraid of the detours.  Have some fun, let yourself wander, and enjoy life.

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