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What is a manifesto?  For me, it’s a mantra – a series of words that reflect how I live my life (or try to) and give me reminders to stay focused on what makes me happy.  I’ve posted this mantra before, but it’s somethat that deserves repeating. . . . .

Be thankful. Be happy. Be in the moment. Learn from the past, live for today and prepare yourself for the future. Don’t be afraid to do, be afraid of not doing. Embrace change and the unknown. Learn and share. Take care of you. Give yourself to others. Dream. Be the brightest star you can. Live.

A part of this manifesto is also permanently etched into my body.  While I have two tattoos, it is the more subtle of the two that is the brightest reminder of the words above.  You may not be able to see it unless I point it out, and even then, it’s not overly obvious, but to me, it couldn’t be more a more obvious and constant reminder if it tried.  What is it you ask?  My white ink tattoo of a star on my right wrist – photo below (albeit not the highest of quality)


Note: This is the first of what will likely be many posts as a part of the 30-day “Charlie Challenge” via You, Me, & Charlie.

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