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So today was a day full of randomness.  Although, who am I fooling, most of my days are full of randomness, but today just stuck out as especially random for some reason.

First, there are 21 days until election day.  Thank. Cheesus.  Don’t get me wrong – I do like campaigns, and the candidates I am helping this time around, but I AM OFFICIALLY OVER THIS ELECTION CYCLE.  The constant barrage of ads on TV (I can’t event escape them by watching stuff on Hulu!), debates, polls, money raised, blah blah blah has just gotten to me.  I blame the fact that we pretty much are in a constant state of campaigns and elections here in the US.

Guys, suggestion – how ’bout we agree to give ourselves a 3 month black out before starting any new campaigns.  Seriously – no emails the day after saying “The Race for 2014 STARTS TODAY!”.  Send a thank you to your volunteers and supporters and then RELAX. Read a book. Watch some movies. Eat some fresh and/or homemade food.  Don’t play the could’ve, should’ve, would’ve game.  You can’t go back in time, so recharge yourself, take a break and come back a few months down the road ready to do work.

Second – new MIKA album today!!! 🙂  This made me super happy and it’s been the soundtrack to my day.

Best track so far? This.

Seriously, how can you not like a song that samples the song “Popular” from Wicked?

Finally, my favorite TV show from the UK, Skins, released information about it’s 7th series today. *cue much rejoicing and flailing from the fandom* Happy to hear some of my favorite characters will be making appearances during the 3 “movies” that will make up the 7th and final series of the show.  Here’s hoping we get some resolutions to some of the cliffhangers from the previous series and casts too.

Must return to my previously scheduled work for this evening. 21 days – let’s goooooooooooooooo!

P.S. Remember to vote, ok?  Cool.

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