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A brief reminder. . . .

Just a few things I recently pinned on Pinterest that I wanted to share here as well.  I’ve begun my journey along my my longer-term Five Minute Plan (which was featured on You, Me, & Charlie!  I’m still in awe that this happened, but I digress), and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision.  It’s time to do things for me, on my terms, and to truly listen to myself – and not the wishes of others – on my quest for happiness.

I hope to be sharing more here over the coming months, as well as developing my online photo portfolio so I can share more of that work as well.

I hope you are all well, and please, take some time for you this weekend – you deserve it!

You’re allergic to what?!?!

After 27 years of life my body decided that it was going to be allergic to a bunch of foods.  Let’s just say the process of figuring this out was not an easy one and involved a number of trips to the ER, my doctor, various specialists and more tests then I care to count.  In the process, however, I did find out a lot of things that I didn’t have – lyme disease, cancer, celiac, diabetes – making this whole thing a blessing and a curse.

After a couple of scary instances where my throat started to close after eating I finally visited my local, friendly allergist for a round of tests.

The results?  No more corn, carrots, peas, potatoes, tomatoes, almonds, peanuts, oranges, cantalope, rye, and a few other things.

Huh?  How am I supposed to eat anything? Those things are a) tasty and b) in EVERYTHING.

After some adjustments and struggles, I’ve found that the best way to manage this is to cook for myself.  This was kind of a huge shift, since I used to cook on occassion, but never a lot of stuff from scratch or involving fresh, local items.

That has changed.

I have become a foodie.  People like and request items from me.  I’ve gotten creative and daring.  I’ve found that I have skills and a decent palate, even though I’m limited in ingredients. (seriously, look at the ingredient list on stuff you buy at the store – corn is everywhere!)

Cooking has also been cathartic.  There’s something neat about taking a pile of stuff that you buy at the Farmer’s Market and local co-op and turning it into a fantastic meal.  It’s soothing to the soul.

I hope to share some of the experiences I’ve had – along with the recipes – of my culinary adventures. I also hope to shine the light on what it is like to be someone living with (and having friends with) some pretty unique eating challenges.