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Songs for a cloudy day

We're finally transitioning from summer to fall here in Minnesota.  As much as I love love love our perfect summers, there is something somewhat magical about this time in Minnesota as well.  I think is has to do with the fact you don't have to wear 34723942 layers of...

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Jammy’s Jam of the Day – September 15, 2012

Today's jam of the day is "Bright Whites" by Kishi Bashi.  I was turned on to this artist earlier this week by the good folks over at You, Me & Charlie when they posted an interview with Kishi Bashi from the FYF Fest held recently in LA. I'm really enjoying the...

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The xx “Coexist”

Now that I have Spotify, I actually hear more new music when it is new and also by the original artists, and not just via covers from Glee. As a result of this development, I've been listening to "Coexist" by The xx this week.  And you should too. Seriously. Go....

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“After you done all you can, you just stand”

I was working from home, listening to my Melissa's Megamix playlist on Spotify and the song "Stand" from the NBC show Smash came on.  I could go on and on about the lyrics and how they resonated with me and stuff, but I'm going to just tell you one thing: list, and I...

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“Thank you for your epic performance. . . I hate you.”

As someone who personally was belting out various Disney tunes last night around my fire pit, I wonder how my neighbors would have graded my performance.  This came across my twitter feed this morning and was too good not to share. . . I really hope I would be graded...

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No Badge for the Haters: Lessons I Learned as a Girl Scout

Over the past few months, Girl Scouts have been in the news. While, many of the stories highlight the 100 years of successful programming for girls currently being celebrated, there have also been a number of attacks made on this organization that are quite simply distractions from the actual mission of Girl Scouts of USA. This is, in my opinion, taking away from what should be a positive year of celebration by causing the organization to play defense.

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“You’ll feel better, you’ll feel better, better than before”

The past few days have been absolutely lovely – weatherwise – here in Minnesota. Granted, it’s likely a titch warmer than it is supposed to be at this time of year, but who am I to complain. The sky has been stunning – bright blues, fairly cloud free, and just picture perfect and smile inducing.

It is quite the contrast to what has been going on generally in the world. It seems as if over the last few weeks (and months and years really) there has been a lot more negativity especially in the ways that people are talking to each other and about each other. Granted, we’re in an election year (with two especially divisive constitutional amendments on the ballot here in MN), and this has become expected, but it doesn’t mean it’s right. I have a hard time, at times, reading the news or going on twitter because of the hate being shared and spread just makes me feel . . . .sad.

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I’m a one-woman musical

Some may know this and some may not, but I must confess . . .I'm a bit of a musical theater geek. I have been known to get into a mood where I'll become a one-woman musical and just belt out my favorite songs, dance around and just have fun doing my own...

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What is this feeling?

Twice yesterday, I received a comment from someone that made made me pause and think, "is it really that obvious?!?" Now, one may think this was a negative thing, but it wasn't.  In fact, it is extremely empowering and smile inducing.  This was the case yesterday when...

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Carry on. . .

Hola!  Como esta? It's been awhile since I've had time to write.  I know, I know, super lame excuse, but it's the truth.  I'm also working on moving this lil' thing I do here from Posterous to Wordpress and also developing this into a bit more of a "site" instead of a...

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My Personal Manifesto #ccprompt1

What is a manifesto?  For me, it's a mantra - a series of words that reflect how I live my life (or try to) and give me reminders to stay focused on what makes me happy.  I've posted this mantra before, but it's somethat that deserves repeating. . . . . Be thankful....

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A brief reminder. . . .

Just a few things I recently pinned on Pinterest that I wanted to share here as well.  I've begun my journey along my my longer-term Five Minute Plan (which was featured on You, Me, & Charlie!  I'm still in awe that this happened, but I digress), and I couldn't be...

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Five Minutes

Just wanted to share something that I recently submitted to the site You, Me, & Charlie.  Now, I don't know if it will get posted there *crossing my fingers that it will*, but I wanted to share it here too, since it's a message that is a great reminder for all of...

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No shame in needing help

Last night I was sad to hear about the passing of Whitney Houston. She had a true gift which will live on through her music.

Addiction is a real, and often fatal, struggle for many people. Too often people do not know how or where to get help – in some cases due to barriers to access or the stigma related to such problems. The same is true for other mental illnesses as well.

This leads me to pose the question: When can there be a real discussion about how mental health is as important as physical heath?

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I came to an odd realization this weekend. . .

I will admit, I never really listened to Bjork before, a sad byproduct of the apparent musical cave I live in.  (I'm working on it, the whole "expanding my musical horizons thing").  However after I saw a mention of one of her songs somewhere, I fired up one of the...

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